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Securities Reimagined

SATOX (SATO Exchange) has ignited a reimagination of securities as we know it.

Securities Reimagined

SATOX has ignited a reimagination of securities as we know it. Using a blockchain enabled platform, SATOX is leading a reimagination of capital markets, finance, tokenization and trading. A technology innovator, we aim to provide regulated market infrastructure for digital assets to be issued and listed as securities through the security token offering (STO) process, to enable capital raising and secondary market trading.

Key Benefits of Tokenization

Liquid Capital Markets

Investors may be able to gain access to and trade assets that would otherwise have been comparatively illiquid in traditional capital (equity, debt, real estate etc.) markets. Tokenization particularly enhances the liquidity of assets such as real estate, exponentially increasing the size of the global asset market.

Lower barriers to entry

Asset tokenization reduces the barriers to entry for both issuers and investors. Issuers face less challenging and demanding criteria to successful issue and list tokens on an exchange. Investors are also able to have fractional ownership in the assets via the tokens and participate in any potential upside appreciation of the assets.

Portfolio and risk diversification

Tokenization increases portfolio diversification and spreads risk as investors are able to own multiple assets through ownership of a portfolio of tokens. Some of these tokens may also have lower correlation with traditional equity or debt markets and can serve as a portfolio hedging tool.

Lower costs and more transparency

Tokenization is a seamless process and speeds up otherwise difficult and costly trade processes (in traditional capital markets) by reducing administrative expenses through self-authorizing smart contracts, thereby also improving the speed of settlements.